Sunday, September 6, 2009

Free Lockerz Invites

Hey guys, I am now able to provide everyone with free Lockerz invites. Lockerz is a brand new website that has just been proven to be legitimate, and they offer amazing deals like Wii, PSP games, Ipods, Music, Jewelry etc.

To get your free Lockerz invite visit this page: Here.

I will be posting tips and tricks for using Lockerz and getting the best stuff free from them later.

You can only get in by an invite, and then you can start earning your own PTZ! You can buy real prizes for PTZ.

I already have 30 PTZ, and I just got invited.

Lockerz is a real company. It is funded by Liberty Media, one of the largest media companies in the US. The Chief Executive Officer of Lockerz is Kathy Savitt, a former executive at and American Eagle Outfitters.

In case you are having trouble finding where to get an invite, I created this easy website: